Aviation Reference Map

The only customizable digital aviation reference map made by pilots for pilots.

Aviation Map is a customizable flight reference map for pilots of all types. Gone are the days of cumbersome fold out reference maps with outdated VOR frequencies and airports. Now you can customize what is displayed and carry it on your iPad flight kit or iPhone.

With Aviation Map, you can easily orient yourself with large geographic landmarks to assist in passenger questions and in-flight passenger addresses. Aviation Map also makes a great companion for any electronic flight kit because it shows visual cues that are usually left out of instrument flight charts.

If you are planning on making the transition to a paperless cockpit, or already have, Aviation Map is a perfect addition to your electronic flight kit. All map data is downloaded during app purchase so no internet connection is required for use.

Aviation Data for:

  • United States including Hawaii and Alaska
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean

Customize the following:

  • Airports
  • VOR ID and Frequencies
  • Interstate and major highways
  • Railways
  • Class B Airpace
Zoomed out 100% States, counties and timezones displayed.
Zoomed in slightly. State names replaced with High altitude VOR and major cities.
Zoomed in more. Major highways, airspace, and additional airports and VORs now visible.

Custom built maps by pilots for pilots.

We are not using Google or Apple maps with some aviation points plotted on top. We custom built the maps in Aviation Maps from the ground up. This means they are thought out, then designed with the information that is important for pilots at each level and layer of zoom.

For example, when you are zoomed out on the United States you will see state names, time zone boundaries, and country names. As you zoom in slightly either with a tap or pinch-out gesture you will see state names replaced with major metropolitan names based on population in the last census. More importantly you will see VORs displayed, these displayed VORs are only those with a "H" altitude code. Additionally you will begin to see airports with the longest runway lengths. As you continue to zoom in you will see additional map details that include more airports, VORs, and major highways for example. The goal is to present you, the user with only the information that is the most relevant and important at that level of zoom.

The latest information.

VOR ID's, frequencies, airport codes, runway length all change. If you are still using a paper reference map, you either purchase a new map, or dig out a sharpie to write in the updated information yourself.

Aviation map has the latest information, and we are reviewing that information to ensure that it stays updated, so you never have to worry about a frequency or code being wrong again.

Customization made easy.

Maps have always struggled with how to provide the most information in the smallest amount of space possible, while still being easy to read and understandable. Aviation Map is interactive and customizable with an onscreen clutter control.

Don't want to see railroad lines, removing them from the map is a touch away. Changes made in one map are mirrored to the others, no need to manage them independently. On screen options and more are located in the options menu that can be accessed in the upper left corner. Here you can toggle all the onscreen controls plus the elevation scale, even remove the onscreen clutter control. Your map, the way you want it.

Orient your self with large Geographical Landmarks.

Answer passenger questions and make in-flight passenger addresses referencing visual cues typically left out of instrument flight charts. Announce the mountain name and hight for curious passengers or the name of a island.